Auction Items

Silent and live auctions at the PILA Reception are a major source of support for our summer funding goals. They’re also really fun to watch! Here are some of the exciting items we will have up for auction at the 22nd Annual PILA Reception. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Reception here.

  • Live Auction
    • Drinks at Bohemian Hall with Prof. Bratspies and Prof. Goldscheid
    • Bike ride with Prof. Borgmann, Prof. Deale, and Prof. Storrow
    • Dinner for 6-8 students with a group of CUNY Law librarians
    • Dinner for 4 with Prof. Dinesh Khosla
    • Bowling, snacks, and drinks for 6 with Prof. Zalesne and Prof. Kirchmeier
    • An evening of jazz and drinks with Prof. Loffredo and Prof. Rosenberg
    • Basketball playing with Profs. Cammett, Kassem, Loffredo, Rosenberg, and Zeidman



Check back often as more items will be added as they become available!


PILA Final Save the Date

Buy tickets here

Donate online here (make sure to select PILA from ‘designation’ drop-down menu)

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