What to wear?

Folks, the 21st Annual PILA Gala is a little over 24 hours away. You only have 10 MORE HOURS to get special discount pricing on tickets, because they go up starting at 10 PM tonight.

As for attire: this is a Gala, so you should feel free to dress formally. In fact, the Gala is pretty fancy, so dress to impress! Our advice is semi-formal attire (dresses, suits, and shiny shoes) because that’s what people have worn in the past.

Bow-ties are optional, yet totally awesome. Tickets are NOT optional, and are also totally awesome :-)

We hope to see you all tomorrow night for the best PILA Gala EVER!

Just a few days away!

The 21st Annual PILA Gala is happening on Friday, April 11th. That’s only a few days away!

Do you have your tickets yet? Do you still want to make a donation to help fund CUNY Law students while they perform important legal work in their unpaid summer internships?

If you’re still on the fence, why don’t you check out the amazing auction items we will have up for bidding? You definitely don’t want to miss out on this year’s Gala!

Hope to see you all there on Friday, April 11th!

The Gala Approaches! + New Auction Items

Folks, the 21st Annual PILA Gala is literally only days away: this Friday, April 11th! Click here for more info on the Gala. If you haven’t done so yet, go here to buy your tickets! And if you are interested in donating an auction item, buying ad space, or just generally donating to PILA and helping fund our awesome students while they perform important yet unpaid legal internships this summer, click here for our donations form!

ALSO: we added some great new auction items to our increasingly exciting list! Keep checking back often to see what our outstanding volunteers and donors are securing to make this year’s Gala the BEST EVER!

Thank You!

Thank you to everybody who came out to the screening of Dirty Wars on Wednesday evening. It was a fantastic event and we really brought some attention to the issues surrounding covert wars, drone strikes, and the “war on terror.” Plus, we sold more tickets to the 21st Annual PILA Gala and raised more donations for summer funding!

So again, thank you to everyone who came out and supported Dirty Wars and PILA! Hope to see you all at the Gala on April 11th!

The 21st Annual PILA Gala

We are delighted to announce the distinguished guests who will be honored at the 21st Annual PILA Gala on April 11, 2014. Buy your tickets here and come support these amazing folks!

  • The Central Park Five, and their legal teams, have been working since their arrests, convictions, and subsequent exonerations over a decade ago to expose the government misconduct of coercive police interrogations, the injustices of prosecuting youth as adults, and the challenges facing those who have been arrested and prosecuted who return to our communities. The stories of the five men who were falsely accused in 1989 were recently featured in the award-winning documentary, The Central Park Five, by Ken Burns, David McMahon, and Sarah Burns.
  • Raquel Batista, CUNY Law Class of 2003, is the former Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights. Born and raised in the Bronx by immigrant parents, Ms. Batista is a long-time community organizer and public interest attorney who brought her deep social justice principles to her campaign to represent the Bronx in the recent City Council race. Her role in championing the contributions of working mothers led Ms. Batista to be named one of the “Top Pro-Choice Heroes” of 2013 by the publication RH Reality Check.


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